Caitlin's comic-book-writing friends are explaining how they are diversifying superheroes when real-life villains attack. What happens next changes everything.
Mortal Gods: "I Am Chaos"
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Caitlin had wanted to go straight home after work. She was exhausted. First she had to go to the Queens office. Then she had to go to the off-site meeting with the potential client. And then her boss wanted her back at the Manhattan office to work on a project the other team was failing to complete. But she had already agreed to go out to eat with the others. And once she got to the restaurant she was glad she hadn't come up with an excuse to skip out on it.

The dining area of the trendy New York restaurant was on the second floor, with the lights lowered for mood. Their table sat in the middle of the floor space but they could still easily see the well-lit streets below them thanks to the floor to window ceilings of the restaurant. Caitlin had selected a salad along with a vegetarian entree. She had really wanted steak but she didn't want to deal with how the group would react if they saw her eating meat.

Derrick sat to her right, stroking his soul patch, the only part of his facial hair that could possibly be said to be fully grown, with the rest of what passed for a beard being very thin and sparse. Trent sat next to him and already had food on his stomach. And Trent already had his stomach on the table. Brindin was next. And beside him was Mi followed by Yolanda who also sat next to Caitlin.

"So I'm taking this established superhero, see, and I'm evolving him for the twenty-first century," Derrick said, explaining his latest work as a writer for Sedition Sequential Art, the leading comic book company in the U.S. "Everyone is so used to General Truth being some sort of stooge for the American government or big business, and I wanted to re-imagine that for modern times. He now really lives up to his name."

"Dude, that sounds so awesome. And it's about time," Brindin told him. Brindin was a young psychologist but was becoming a highly recommended one in the city.

"We're going to diversify the title as well," Derrick told his black friend. "No more old white guys."

The group voiced its approval and Caitlin smiled at Derrick, looking at him in his thin tie and dark blazer. He was always so confident. A waitress brought out a large tray and tray holder for another group of diners. She set up the tray holder with one hand and then put the tray on it. Caitlin smelled the food and quickly looked over her shoulder at two different cuts of meat with separate entrees. She was suddenly glad she had gone with the vegetarian meal tonight.

"So are there going to be any non-binary people in it as well or does diversity only go so far?" Yolanda said, staring hard at Derrick while she swirled the wine in her glass.

Derrick's head was angled towards his plate but he glanced up at her with a bit of a smile. "Oh, we definitely have that covered. And if you think white people are going to freak out over General Truth no longer fighting for a fascist government and big business, they will go absolutely nuts over some of the other changes I have in store for him."
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