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The Rifle, Part 1
A four-part tale of one gun's journey begins...
Edward Dunnigan
"Sleep With an Orange Conservative" And "Turducken Redux"
Two holiday blog posts you shouldn't miss from Audie Cockings!
Audie Cockings
Lion Tamer
Consider an alternate course of history in western Europe in 1940...
Michael Holt
Medicine For Mankind: Chapters 5 and 6
The third except from Michael Eidam's new novel
Michael Eidam
The Souls of Kymara
A new fantasy adventure begins...
Mike P.
One Second Chance Deserves Another
A moving tale of love, friendship, and redemption...
Nitay Arbel
Thunder Egg
An Honorable Mention in the Summer of Love Contest
Mark Ellis
The Logos: A Perfect Man's Odyssey Through Science Fiction and Fantasy...
Who is the Logos? And why does he keep manifesting in the stories of Western Civilization?
Alec Ott
Cakes and Bullets
No good deed goes unpunished...
Robert Watts Lamon
Our Latest Stories
Sad, Pretty
The final honorable mention in the Summer of Love contest
Mark Ziebart
The Natural Contract
The Grand Prize Winner for the Summer of Love Contest
Alec Ott
The Red Rose and the Briar
An honorable mention in the Summer of Love Contest
Robert Arrington
Death in Yellowstone
"Yellow eyes appeared all around us..."
Mark Ellis
Unsilent Majority
An Honorable Mention in the Summer of Love Contest
Aaron Tallent
A Blind Date
An Honorable Mention in the Summer of Love Contest
Bokerah Brumley
The Cursive Code
What are the secrets hidden in the Constitution of the former United States of America?
Pierre Comtois
Ode to the Southwest
And life is nothing but moments.
Michael Finch
Grand Prize Winner of our Halloween 2015 Contest
A Call From the Future, Via the Past
"On my end of this connection it's the year 2035..."
Mark Bartlett
Here's How to Challenge the Climate Alarmist Narrative
A new video in partnership with The New Criterion and C02 Coalition.
Benjamin Weingarten
Every Thursday
Joseph Holmes
The Bear
Pat Gillis
Everyone Lies
Derrick McCluskey
Hunker Down
Rose Kopp
Aaron Smith
Coyote Skull
Erich Forschler