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August 20 2014 |

The Right-Wing Riot
Going medieval on Doonesbury's wrinkled Liberal ass since 2014

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Why is liberal cartoonist Garry Trudeau suddenly lashing out at conservative humorists? Maybe it has something to do with the devilish wit and pointed satire of "Truesbury," a biting parody/rewrite of Doonesbury recently launched by our friends at the Right-Wing Riot. What if, it asks, Trudeau were willing to ridicule Obama as energetically as he mocked Nixon? Apparently, they got under his skin.[Read more...]

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The Right-Wing Riot features Public Service Satire by the Scary Smart Jamie K. Wilson, the mysterious and alluring Ms. Always Right, and Roy M. Griffis, who IS The Prince of Whitebread.

Review by caesaramericus
Sep 10 2014
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Oh, excellent! Keep it coming!
I loved this. I write in my own novel, Caesar Americus, about a program that allows the near-instant "rewriting" of news, TV shows and movies - complete with the computer re-imaging the actor's/broadcaster's mouth and expressions, so that the propaganda can be edited out of slanted media/entertainment! . . . Here, Right Wing Riot is doing it, and I couldn't be happier with their direction! Keep swinging your hay-makers to challenge the accepted, New Age hate speech that gives Neanderthals a happy excuse for hating (laying the groundwork for possible future violence) in order to make the world a better place - Just like the Nazis did, and so many other uncivilized goons.
Review by krpedm
Aug 21 2014
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Now I don't have to cringe when I see Doonesbury in the NYT...I'll just wait until Right-Wing Riot sets it right.