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Michael SheldonUnited States
Michael Sheldon is the author of The Violet Crow, the first in a series of novels featuring Bruno X, a psychic detective who uses Mad magazine Yiddish and recycled borsht belt routines to outwit the forces of evil in the Philly suburbs.
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A full-time writer, Michael has published numerous articles on photography, investments, and biotechnology. He is the co-author of George Russell's Success by Ten, published by Wiley. He also invented a form of photographic novel called "photoromance," and hopes to continue visual storytelling at the Evil Morons blog site. In spite of his Ivy League education, Michael has always been a fan of clear, independent thinking. He was exposed to libertarian ideas while living in Montana during the Reagan years, and he has been getting in better touch with his inner redneck since then.
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Catch the Jew!
Tuvia Tenenbom's reportage on corruption and the political theater of the absurd in Israel receives Mickey Z's first-ever Golden Banana award for this year's Best Book.
Posted Fri Jan 8 2016 13:48 By Michael Sheldon
Jewish Noir is dreck
PM Press, publisher of a series of appealing-looking "Noir" titles, has a distinct political agenda. In the volume I looked at, the stories aren't really noir. And worse, they're really boring.
Posted Tue Oct 27 2015 12:38 By Michael Sheldon
This ain't rock'n'roll, this is genocide
For the last week, my mind's been replaying the horror-movie scenario that kicks off one of my favorite albums, David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs"
Posted Sat Mar 14 2015 19:16 By Michael Sheldon
President Obama Embraces American Exceptionalism
Toilet paper preference shows he's a follower of Milton Friedman
Posted Thu Feb 26 2015 13:42 By Michael Sheldon
Alinsky's Legacy: Where Are the Communities' Yachts?
Posted Sun Nov 30 2014 20:02 By Michael Sheldon
Surreal in Seattle
In Seattle, there's a flagrant display of political power run amok. Don't let this happen in your town.
Posted Fri Oct 10 2014 15:18 By Michael Sheldon
Liberty Island wins Round One of the Culture War
Check out these rave reviews about Liberty Island from the mainstream media
Posted Sat Aug 16 2014 13:02 By Michael Sheldon
Our Founding Documents
Thomas Jefferson was not an ironist and the Declaration of Independence is not a postmodern text.
Posted Fri Jul 4 2014 17:42 By Michael Sheldon
Don't forget Gettysburg
Three critical days, July 1-3, 1863, helped determine the outcome of the Civil War. We remember the 50,000 casualties on both sides as proof that mistakes can be corrected and enemies reconciled.
Posted Tue Jul 1 2014 16:09 By Michael Sheldon
Seattle Terrorist Action Update
Our City Council wants businesses to pay a fee for each employee--also known as a "head tax."
Posted Thu Jun 26 2014 14:14 By Michael Sheldon
What price Bauer?
Jack is back. Right when we need him most.
Posted Tue Jun 17 2014 14:11 By Michael Sheldon
We Remember
Today is the anniversary of D-day and I'm sitting on the back deck thinking about the many things I have to be grateful for.
Posted Fri Jun 6 2014 23:01 By Michael Sheldon
The Irrelevant Mr. Zinn
After the Seattle riots in 1999, an ex-girlfriend called to congratulate me. She said, "Wasn't it great? You were so lucky to be there." She must have been reading Howard Zinn.
Posted Fri May 23 2014 01:04 By Michael Sheldon
Peak Liberty?
Has the Obama regime succeeded in destroying individual liberty in America?
Posted Wed May 14 2014 21:49 By Michael Sheldon
Psychotic reactions
Did you notice that Jon Stewart recently supported the need for a thorough investigation of Benghazi--unintentionally of course?
Posted Thu May 8 2014 15:16 By Michael Sheldon