Jim Geraghty sees parallels between Howard Foster's novel and his own big government satire, The Weed Agency
Reviewed at National Review: Miranda's War
From the February 28, 2017 edition of the Morning Jolt newsletter by Jim Geraghty:

The Unlikely Storytelling Magic Trick of Miranda's War

When Adam Bellow asked me to take a look at Miranda's War, the latest novel from Liberty Island publishing, I wasn't immediately hooked. If I thought making life in the federal bureaucracy funny and dramatic and interesting was a challenge in The Weed Agency, then Howard Foster was attempting the literary equivalent of the triple-axel jump, setting his story in the local conservation commission of a small town in Massachusetts.

And yet somehow Foster pulls it off, by remembering that all politics and all stories are like Soylent Green: They're made of people. What starts out as a pair of mundane fights about a giant peace sign painted on a barn and the restoration costs of a historical estate escalates into a statewide clash of philosophies, ideologies, egos, and a struggle for power and a clear answer to that most fundamental question, the one that has rocked the world from Brexit to the 2016 presidential election: Who will decide on behalf of the people?

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