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Stephen McDonald is a writer whose work blends genres that have no business being together. In doing this, his goal is to always push to give the reader something they haven't seen before.
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I'm a writer who believes exciting characters should be like good friends: interesting, fun, and visiting often. That's why I specialize in the rapid, quality production of stories featuring recurring characters that are short enough to be read quickly, but long enough for readers to experience a fully realized world of adventure.

Always striving to give readers something new, I also blend genres that typically have no business being together--most recently steampunk, science fiction, and horror--to see what happens.
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The Unbearable Mindcrime of Playmobil
Posted Sun Jun 22 2014 20:57 By Stephen McDonald
Learning To Love Cloward-Piven
... or at least see the potential upside.
Posted Sun Jun 15 2014 07:41 By Stephen McDonald
Tougher Than HYDRA
Self-organizing conspiracies would be hard for even Captain America to defeat.
Posted Fri May 23 2014 05:45 By Stephen McDonald
In Case Of Witch Hunt...
At this point, you should always expect the Leftist Inquisition.
Posted Wed Apr 30 2014 19:13 By Stephen McDonald
The Fiction of a Better Tomorrow
Dystopian science fiction dominates pop culture because it reflects our present. Maybe it's time to start imagining futures we'd rather live in.
Posted Sun Mar 23 2014 13:20 By Stephen McDonald
America as "Salem's Lot"
Posted Sat Mar 8 2014 21:00 By Stephen McDonald
American Dystopic
Even ads acknowledge the decline.
Posted Thu Feb 27 2014 19:00 By Stephen McDonald
The Artist's Fingerprint
So you've found a mistake with your masterpiece after it's been published/released/unveiled. Should you fix it or is it more honest to leave as is?
Posted Wed Feb 26 2014 21:20 By Stephen McDonald
My favorite fictional character is...
Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly.
Posted Mon Feb 17 2014 22:00 By Stephen McDonald
Justified's Feast of Crows
Everything is awesome about this season, except the Big Bads.
Posted Sat Feb 8 2014 21:00 By Stephen McDonald
If There Have to Be Broken Eggs, Let It Be Them
Our lives are always the eggs getting broken to make the Leftoid omelette. Why shouldn't they be the ones wondering if they'll get cracked?
Posted Fri Jan 31 2014 22:00 By Stephen McDonald
The Superhero as Sucker
Why do superheroes keep fighting for societies that hate them? For that matter, why do you?
Posted Sun Jan 19 2014 08:00 By Stephen McDonald
What Your Character's Handgun Says About Them #1: An Introduction
You character's handgun is their personal Excalibur. It's not just a prop, but another way you can reveal who your character is to readers.
Posted Fri Jan 10 2014 19:00 By Stephen McDonald