Catch up on the stories you might have missed last year in this new index.
Liberty Island 2016: Year In Review
Last year we published a variety of creative works across mediums and genres. Would you like to participate this year? Send us your best short stories, poetry, nonfiction, and art at


science fiction by Frank Fleming

futuristic satire by Pierre Comtois

a blog-essay by David Swindle


an essay by Marc Fitch

meditative fiction by Michael Finch

a poem by Jamie Glazov

horror fiction by Mike P.

fiction by Micah Harris


a satire by Patty Jay

science fiction by Wayne Martin

a poem by Jamie Glazov

historical fiction by Roger Kaplan

horror by Mark Ellis


a poem by Audie Cockings

science fiction by Paul Hair

An excerpt from Keith Korman's newly published Eden: The Animals' Parable.

Discover the mystery of Peter J. Tanous's new novel in the complete first chapter available here:

science fiction by Mark Bartlett

a poem by Jamie Glazov


An exclusive excerpt from the new ebook We Can Be Heroes: The Radical Individualism of David Bowie,"How David Bowie Kicked Off A One-Man Revolution" by Robert Dean Lurie

A video and blog post by Benjamin Weingarten

a poem by Jamie Glazov


a nonfiction essay by Audie Cockings

a poem by Jamie Glazov


a movie review by Audie Cockings

The 2016 Summer of Love Contest, (published July-September)

Grand Prize Winner:

by Alec J. Ott

Runner Up:

by David Walls-Kaufman

Honorable Mentions:

by Drew Redland

by Mark Ellis

by Wayne Martin

by David Churchill Barrow

by Aaron Tallent

by Robert L. Arrington

by Bokerah Brumley

by Mary Madigan

by Mark Ziebart


an essay by Declan Finn


mystery by Robert Watts Lamon

fantasy by Mike P.

romance by Nitay Arbel

horror by Ted Elrick


alternative history by Michael Holt

an essay by Alec Ott


war fiction by Edward Dunnigan

Two holiday blog posts by Audie Cockings

2016 also featured two serials:

1. Click here to visit the archive of cartoonist Allison Barrows, creator of PreTeena, a daily newspaper comic strip featured at Liberty Island.

2. Going The Distance: The Campaign Diary of Justin T. Fairchild, Candidate for Congress by Curtis Edmonds appeared weekly at Liberty Island until the election. Here's an index of this year's episodes:

Week Fifteen:The Ten Forty
Week Sixteen:The Bachelor Party
Week Seventeen:The Refugee Crisis
Week Eighteen:The Taco Bowl
Week Nineteen:The Trending Topic
Week Twenty-One:The Blessed Event
Week Twenty-Two:The 3AM Feeding
Week Twenty-Three:The Stuffed Elephant
Week Twenty-Five:The Turkey Jive
Week Twenty-Six:The Wiki Leak
Week Twenty-Seven:The Baby Bjorn
Week Twenty-Eight:The Passport Agency
Week Twenty-Nine:The Media Buy
Week Thirty-One:The Torricelli Option
Week Thirty-Two:The Trotsky Walkback
Week Thirty-Three:The Halloween Party
Week Thirty-Four:The Phone Bank
Week Thirty-Five (conclusion): The Election Night

Finally, last year we published seven books:

Thank you so much to all of our contributors and readers. We're looking forward to another exciting year in 2017.
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