The second edition of EMBRACE THE SUCK, coming soon from Liberty Island, needs your help to update for the 21st century and the Global War On Terror.
Veterans: What Are Your Favorite Military Terms, Acronyms, and Phrases?
COL. Austin Bay (ret.) is updating EMBRACE THE SUCK for Liberty Island. The original pamphlet was a short but pithy dictionary of American military idioms used by servicemen and women. The original edition focused on the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century -- some of the idioms, terms and acronyms had roots in the 19th century. The new edition will take the original into the 21st century's second decade. It will also have an updated introductory essay.

Liberty Island respectfully requests that all veterans of the Global War on Terror who have a favorite military phrase, acronym or term -- or heard a particularly compelling term--to send it to us. We ask that the submission include the definition. Since military idioms are a window on military life, a description of the place and situation in which you heard the phrase would be appreciated. Non-veterans may submit as well.

Please email your entries to:
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